October 1, 2013


Re: Announcement


Dear Customer or Supplier:

For nearly 20 years, KST Electric (KST) has been a leader in providing electrical contracting services throughout the state of Texas. In April 2010, KST was acquired by, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Rosendin Electric, Inc. (Rosendin), a nationwide leader in innovative electrical installations, engineering and construction.

Since being acquired by Rosendin, KST has been able to expand and improve its services by leveraging the resources, expertise and synergies that were created by this acquisition. These qualities will continue to improve and expand as we move forward. As part of our future growth, KST is excited to announce that effective January 1, 2014 we will merge with and into Rosendin, and become a division of Rosendin rather than a separate company. At that time our name will change to Rosendin Electric. Taking the Rosendin name reflects the significant investment and expansion in our business activities since we first began operating as a subsidiary of Rosendin over three years ago. Our operations now reach nationally and include services well beyond where we began.

Going forward, Rosendin Electric will be the cornerstone of our branding efforts and will bring all of our service divisions under one name. Our new internet address is www.rosendin.com.

We will continue to operate under our current internal service structure and your contacts as well as existing office locations will remain unchanged. Rosendin will assume all contracts or other obligations of KST owed to you. The level of service you receive will continue to be of top quality with our goal of continuing to improve the experience.

We look forward to continue working together in partnership, and trust that you are as excited as we are as we continue to grow and diversify to better serve the industry. If you have any questions regarding Rosendin Electric, please feel free to contact John Colley, Director of Texas Operations, at (512) 278-8461, or at jcolley@rosendin.com.

You will soon be contacted by members of our organization regarding issues that are more specific to your relationship with KST. If you are a vendor, payment terms will not change. If you are a customer, remittance addresses will remain the same with the exception of those who pay us electronically. We will contact you to discuss the transition. The people you have worked with the last 3 years will remain the same, and the level of service we provide will meet or exceed what is delivered today.




John Colley

Director of Texas Operations

Rosendin Electric, Inc.


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